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Mikko S8

Mikko S6

Contestant Profile

Survivor: Bolivar

Tribe(s) Canaima
Placement 5/18
Alliance(s) Pinoy Alliance
Outsiders Alliance (Affiliated)
Challenge(s) Won 7
Vote(s) Against 10
Day(s) Lasted 36

Survivor: Palawan - Battle of the ORGs

Tribe(s) Tagbanwa
Puerto Princesa
Placement Sole Survivor
Challenge(s) Won 8
Vote(s) Against 0
Day(s) Lasted 39

Survivor: Karijini

Tribe(s) Woomera
Nulla Nulla
Placement 5/20
Challenge(s) Won 10
Vote(s) Against 6
Day(s) Lasted 36

Mikko87, also known as Mikko, is the Sole Survivor of Survivor: Palawan - Battle of the ORGs. He also competed on Survivor: Bolivar and Survivor: Karijini. He eventually became the main host of Survivor: United Kingdom. He also co-host Survivor: Cambodia and Survivor: Havasu.

Although one of the quieter contestants of the season, Mikko was the leader of the Tagbanwa alliance that was able to annihilate the people outside his alliance. He was able to maintain strong social relationships with his original tribe mates, and be physically dominating when it came to challenges. His patience and owning up to his duplicity earned him the title of Sole Survivor.


Survivor: BolivarEdit

Voting HistoryEdit

Mikko's Voting History
Episode Mikko's
Voted Against
1 Canaima Tribe Immune
2 No Tribal Council
Canaima Tribe Immune
3 Canaima Tribe Immune
4 Canaima Tribe Immune
5 Canaima Tribe Immune
6 Shawn -
7 William Alex, Ezekiel, Sheryl,
8 Tahara -
9 Sheryl -
10 Tela -
11 Alex Alex, Ezekiel, Fonda
12 Ezekiel Individual Immunity
13 Heinz Biboy, Fonda, Heinz
Voted Out, Day 36
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Survivor: Palawan - Battle of the ORGsEdit

Voting HistoryEdit

Mikko's Voting History
Episode Mikko's
Voted Against
1 Tagbanwa Tribe Immune
2 Tagbanwa Tribe Immune
3 Tagbanwa Tribe Immune
4 No Tribal Council
Tagbanwa Tribe Immune
5 Tagbanwa Tribe Immune
6 Shannon -
7 Norbert -
8 Alex -
9 Tata -
10 Sergiu Individual Immunity1
11 Miguel;
No Vote
Individual Immunity
12 Tung -
13 Miguel Individual Immunity
14 Kevin -
15 David -
16 George Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
for Mikko
Alex, David, George,
Kevin, Tung
Sole Survivor, Day 39

^1 In Take your Goat Glasses Off and Make a Move!, Miguel originally won Individual immunity, but gave it to Mikko during Tribal Council.

Survivor: KarijiniEdit

Voting HistoryEdit

Mikko's Voting History
Episode Mikko's
Voted Against
1 Woomera Tribe Immune
2 Woomera Tribe Immune
3 Woomera Tribe Immune
4 Woomera Tribe Immune
5 Evan -
6 Nulla Nulla Tribe Immune
7 Nulla Nulla Tribe Immune
8 Wowie -
9 Nulla Nulla Tribe Immune
10 Miguel Individual Immunity
11 Tyler Individual Immunity
12 Nuno Individual Immunity
13 Ineligible Diplomatic Immunity
14 JJ JC, Roby
15 JC George, JC, Roby,
Voted Off, Day 36
Voted for
Sole Survivor
Quit the Jury


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