Amber S12
Contestant Profile

Survivor: United Kingdom

Tribe(s) Belfast
Teyrnas Unedig
Placement Sole Survivor
Challenge(s) Won 5
Vote(s) Against 5
Day(s) Lasted 48

Loenev, also known as Amber, is the Sole Survivor from Survivor: United Kingdom. After that season, she co-host Survivor: Havasu.

She is best known for her alliance with Christian, Jonathan and Martynas, better known as the Royal Four and helping her alliance overcome an 8-4 disadvantage post-merge. She is also known for being a sweet and strategic player in her season. She is the only girl in the season and she got known making social bonds with people and outlasting until the very end that made her crowned as the second female Sole Survivor.

Survivor: United KingdomEdit

Voting HistoryEdit

Amber's Voting History
Episode Amber's
Voted Against
1 Belfast Tribe Immune
2 Belfast Tribe Immune
3 Belfast Tribe Immune
4 Belfast Tribe Immune
5 Kevin Christian
6 London Tribe Immune
7 Allen -
8 Tuan -
9 Invalid Vote -
10 Tuan Tuan
11 Ian -
12 Thomas Si -
13 Max Individual Immunity1
14 John -
15 Gilad -
16 No Vote
17 Martynas -
18 Tom -
19 Thomas Sy Thomas Sy
20 Christian Christian, Martynas
Jury Votes
for Amber
Gilad, Max, Thomas Si,
Thomas Sy;
Gilad, John, Max,
Thomas Si, Thomas Sy
Sole Survivor, Day 48

^1 In Episode 13, Amber got an immunity necklace at Survivor Auction, it should be used immediately in the upcoming tribal council. It was later revealed that there would be no Immunity Challenge.


After Amber won United Kingdom, she went hosting Survivor: Havasu.


  • Amber was the only female player in Survivor: United Kingdom.
  • Amber was the second female winner of the ORG.
  • Amber was the first Dutch winner of the ORG.
    • She was the first Dutch female to compete.
  • Amber was the first and so far the only girl to host a season. She is a co-host in Survivor: Havasu.
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