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Contestant Profile

Survivor: Paranoia Island

Tribe(s) Tuklaw
The Outcasts
Sama Ganti
Placement Sole Survivor
Alliance(s) The BEDKIK Alliance
Challenge(s) Won 12
Vote(s) Against 3
Day(s) Lasted 42

Survivor: Turtle Islands

Tribe(s) Lihiman
Placement Sole Survivor
Alliance(s) TBA
Challenge(s) Won 5
Vote(s) Against 6
Day(s) Lasted 42

Survivor: Palawan - Battle of the ORGs

Tribe(s) Tagbanwa
Puerto Princesa
Placement 6/20
Challenge(s) Won 7
Vote(s) Against 8
Day(s) Lasted 34

Survivor: United Kingdom

Tribe(s) London
Placement 17/24
Challenge(s) Won 7
Vote(s) Against 13
Day(s) Lasted 24
KevDog660, also known as Kevin, is the Sole Survivor of Survivor: Paranoia Island and Survivor: Turtle Islands. He also competed on Survivor: Palawan - Battle of the ORGs and Survivor: United Kingdom. He is also the first two-time winner and the second four-time player in the history of Rockstar Survivor ORG.

He is known as an underdog after The BEDKIK Alliance has been pagonged at merge. He was voted out at an Unannounced Live Tribal Council but eventually returned from Snake Island along with DB, from then on he managed to win all the individual immunity since he knew that he will be voted out the moment he lose one. Finally, he gained majority votes at Final Tribal Council for his very respectable game , becoming the winner of Paranoia Island. He later won "Player of the Season".

He returned at Turtle Islands as a "Star", utilizing a more, under-the-radar strategy. He won the season, because he was able to keep people from believing him to be a big threat. He utilized his alliances, and kept himself in the majority, gaining respect from the Jury, and earning him his second win in Rockstar Survivor ORG.

Survivor: Paranoia IslandEdit

Voting HistoryEdit

Kevin's Voting History
Episode Kevin's
Voted Against
1 Ted -
2 Dugong Tribe Immune
3 Nick (x2) Voluntary Invite Player
4 Dugong Tribe Immune
5 Tyson -
6 DB -
7 Brian -
No Tribal Council
8 Wesley Individual Immunity
9 Eddie (x2) Individual Immunity
10 DB -
11 DB (x2) Individual Immunity
12 Togz;
13 Szymon (x2) Individual Immunity
Szymon, Togz;
Voted Off, Day 32
Final Battle Post-Merge:
Returned, Day 33
Evan (x2) Individual Immunity
15 Szymon (x2);
Szymon (x2)
Individual Immunity
16 Lloyd (x2);
Lloyd (x2)
Individual Immunity
Evan (x2) Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
for Kevin
Aston, Chris, Evan,
Ivan, Kim
Sole Survivor, Day 42

Survivor: Turtle IslandsEdit

Voting HistoryEdit

Kevin's Voting History
Episode Kevin's
Voted Against
1 Evan -
2 Lihiman Tribe Immune
3 Brian -
4 Nokomis -
6 Sibaung Tribe Immune
7 Sibaung Tribe Immune
8 Sergiu -
9 Kacey -
10 Nuno -
11 Nuno DB, Nuno, Nokomis,
12 DB -
13 Nokomis -
14 Alfons -
15 DB -
16 Ahad Individual Immunity
17 Will Will, Zach
18 Zach Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
For Kevin
Alfons, DB, Kacey,
Nuno, Sergiu, Szymon,
Will, Zach
Sole Survivor, Day 42

Survivor: Palawan - Battle of the ORGsEdit

Voting HistoryEdit

Kevin's Voting History
Episode Kevin's
Voted Against
1 Tagbanwa Tribe Immune
2 Tagbanwa Tribe Immune
3 Tagbanwa Tribe Immune
4 No Tribal Council
Tagbanwa Tribe Immune
5 Tagbanwa Tribe Immune
6 Andreas -
7 Norbert -
8 Alex Andreas
9 Tata -
10 Jay -
11 Miguel;
No Vote
12 David Andreas
13 Andreas -
14 Andreas Andreas, David, George,
Mihai (x2), Mikko
Voted Off, Day 34
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Survivor: United KingdomEdit

Voting HistoryEdit

Kevin's Voting History
Episode Kevin's
Voted Against
1 London Tribe Immune
2 Ian Royal Immunity
3 London Tribe Immune
4 London Tribe Immune
5 Jonathan Amber, Dennis, Jaylen,
Max, Tom
6 Thomas Si;
Gilad, Thomas Si;
Gilad, John, Tom,
Voted Off, Day 15
Dennis Voted For Kevin:
Staying Alive:
Stayed Alive, Day 16
8 On Snake Isand
9 No Vote
10 Max Jaylen, Will
Voted Off, Day 24


  • Kevin is the first castaway to win two seasons, George being the second.
  • Kevin is one of the four castaways to return in the game from Snake Island.
    • Thus, one of the two castaways to return from Snake Island post-merge along with DB.
  • Kevin won the most number of immunity in Paranoia Island, with eleven.
  • Kevin ties with George for winning the most number of individual immunities in Rockstar Survivor ORG history, with ten in total from all three of his seasons.
    • In Paranoia Island, upon returning from Snake Island, he won all of the individual immunities.
  • Kevin played the most number of days, with 142; followed by DB, with 131 and George, with 116.
  • Kevin is the second four-time player of Rockstar Survivor ORG.
    • Following DB.

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