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• 11/27/2017

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• 3/25/2015

#1 - He Played His Real Immunity Idol But He Got Eliminated!

From Season 5 - Survivor: Mt. Sabyinyo
Tyler R - 13th Voted Out - 6th Jury Member - Day 32
This tribal council result marked as the MOST SHOCKING TRIBAL COUNCIL RESULT IN THE HISTORY OF ROCKSTAR SURVIVOR ORG!! 5th Place Goddess episode features a variety of blindside, riskiest move, smartest move and the most brutal boot ever - all in one jam-packed episode! 

All the Players were given an Immunity Idol - Everyone was given an immunity idol at the start of the game.
If 51% or more of the players in a tribe played an idol, then no one is immune at the re-vote. Example: 3 players out of a total of 5 players. (only the Individual Immunity Winner would be immune)
But if it's less than 51%, only the idol players will be immune at the re-vote.
In the event that 2 or more players played an idol to a specific player... those immunity idols will still be counted as one. Say 3 players played an idol for Russell Hantz, 1 idol will take an effect to negate all the votes while the other 2 idols will be wasted.
At Episode 13, since Wes already have two immunity idols, he decided to give the other one to Mihai, being considered as his most trusted Uganda ally left. Tyler R. and Zane played their immunity idols while Mihai played his immunity idol for Patryk, all the 4 votes were negated resulting to null vote 0-0-0. According to the Rules of the Season's Twist: If 51% or more of the players in a tribe played an idol, then no one is immune at the re-vote. Example: 3 players out of a total of 5.
This episode features some of Rockstar Survivor ORG's firsts!!!

First and so far the only Null Vote
First and so far the only Immunity Idols Invalidity
First and so far the only real immunity idol player was eliminated
What makes this tribal council result as the most shocking is because Tyler R. was considered as a very huge threat to win the game!! How can the remaining players get rid of him if he has an immunity idol in his pocket at the last day of playing?! But this didn't hinder Mihai to make a move, he gave his immunity idol to Patryk - an obvious target for being inactive and he risked his own life in the game!! And bababoom!! The RISKIEST MOVE eventually became the SMARTEST MOVE in the history of Rockstar Survivor ORG!!! A great job well done. This also declared Tyler as the legit "5th Place Goddess", as his early pre-merge alliance's name in Mt. Sabyinyo was called "5th Place Club"!!!! INDEED IN THIS EPIC SEASON, EVEN A PLAYER PLAYED A REAL IMMUNITY IDOL, HE CAN STILL BE ELIMINATED.
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• 3/25/2015

#2 - Foundation Items Galore!

From Season 3 - Survivor: Turtle Islands "Rookies vs Stars"
Szymon - 15th Voted Out - 5th Jury Member - Day 27
This tribal council result marked as the craziest in Turtle Islands season! No one saw it coming as ever! In Blindside is Still an Overrated Term episode, there was no Immunity Challenge, but instead a Survivor Foundation was held.

Survivor Foundation - At Day 26 - Final 10, a Survivor Foundation was held instead of an Immunity Challenge. This is similar to Survivor Auction but this time, players don't need money to get an item. It's totally free but each player could only get one item. The ten covered items are the following:
One Item of Tyler Perry Shell
Two Items of Hidden Immunity Shell
Two Items of Block Vote
One Item of Triple Vote
Two Items of Double Vote
Two Items of Negate Vote
With everybody's paranoia rises to the higher level, lots of items were played at the initial tribal council!! Better safe than sorry as they think!! At Tribal Council, the following Foundation items were used by the holders:

Alfons used a Hidden Immunity Shell, negating 1 vote against him.
DB used a Hidden Immunity Shell, negating 4 votes against him.
Will used a Hidden Immunity Shell, negating 2 votes against him.
Kim used a Block Vote, blocking DB's cast vote.
Szymon used a Block Vote, blocking Nokomis' cast vote.
Nokomis used a Negate Vote, negating one vote against him. But he received no votes.
Szymon was voted out by 1-0-0-0 vote!!! That throw away vote by Lucas dictated the boot!!! What makes this a huge shocker was because ALL OF THEM never saw it coming!!! Yeah even Lucas!!!! A true "blindside" for all the castaways in its very essence!!!!!! A "twist" that defines the very definition of a twist!!!!!!!! Shocking. Surprising. Twisted. Crazy. A very close fight with the top 1 in this list!!!!!!!!!!
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• 3/25/2015

#3 - Idol Factory! Blindside Victory!

From Season 7 - Survivor: Myanmar "Clash of Clans"
Nickson - 9th Voted Out - 5th Jury Member - Day 34
This season featured the most number of immunity idols! With different variety such as default immunity idol (which was given after the birth of Mandalay tribe), the hidden immunity idols and lastly, the fake idols!
At Final 5, everyone is scared at immunity idols since this marks as the last day of playing them! And besides alliances are flip-flopping almost every tribal! Before the tribal, both Biboy and Jay S gave Nickson a counterfeit idol. After some fake idols that were played on previous tribals, everyone is paranoid on who really possesses the real ones!!
Before reading the votes, Jay S stood up and played his immunity idol, Nickson also stood up and played the 2 immunity idols - he played the first one to Vince while the other one for himself and lastly Red played his immunity idol! It was found out that neither of the two idols that Nickson played were real immunity idols! With mouths left open, the votes are read...
Jay S and Red's votes don't count!! While Nickson received 3 votes, enough to be voted out in the game!!! Bamboozle!!! A tribal council that made our head ache!!! After this tribal council result, the game has calmed down a bit - no more idols, less paranoia. But the brutal game lives on!!! It's not yet over for the Final 4!!!!!!
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• 3/25/2015

#4 - Rock-a-Byebye Baby!

From Season 4 - Survivor: Vietnam "Filipinos vs World"
Cameron - Eliminated - 1st Jury Member - Day 19
Da Nang and Hanoi tribes merged with 6 original Saigon members (World) and 6 original Hanoi members (Filipinos) - even number of players! At Immunity Challenge, 4 players won individual immunity - Anthony, Bryce, JC and Tine! But things got more complicated when they found out at tribal council that two returnees from Snake Island will join them and were both immune at first tribal!! Jennifer and Tung also made the merge tribe, resulting to 8-6 advantage in favor of the World!!
With now 6 immune players at first post-merge tribal council, 8 castaways are now on the chopping block! The big question is - who will be the first casualty? Then the votes are read! The vote went 5-5-4! Tied between Duy and Ivan! Considered as two of the power players of both tribes plus 4 votes against Kaeden! What happened? Jennifer flipped to the Filipinos out of revenge against her former tribe mates! But who formed a new voting bloc that planned to oust Kaeden? We'll see, but one thing's for sure, there will be a re-vote!
At the re-vote, the World VERSUS the Filipinos plus Jennifer divided the votes! Still a tie! 6-6 vote! And the tougher thing is... the 6 players who were safe before the re-vote will be the ones to draw rocks!! A very risky move but since alliances has been formed they will face the consequence! This marks the first and so far the only tribal council to draw rocks!!
And at the end, bad luck fall on Cameron!! Crazy tribal council!! First post-merge tribal council, first drawing of rocks and Cameron - first member of the Jury!! Unexpected outcome but it is what is!!!! A jaw-dropping tribal council result!!!!
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• 3/25/2015

#5 - Triple Power is a Huge Game Changer

From Season 1 - Survivor: Paranoia Island
Ivan - 10th Voted Out - Day 25
12th - 2nd Jury Member - Day 29
This is considered as the first huge game changing moment in the entire Rockstar Survivor ORG history! At Final 11, Ivan is one of the six-member alliance of The BEDKIK Alliance against the minority alliance Bad Bitches In Charge. By principle, Ivan and his alliance was on a very safe position against the minority and the floaters. But Szymon (a member of minority alliance) won the Triple-Power Challenge just right in time since he is the next target!

Triple-Power Challenge: It is the so called Immunity Challenge post-merge. Every individual winner of the challenge would win additional powers for the Tribal Council.
Immunity Necklace: A power to be safe from the votes.
Twin Vote: A power to cast two votes against a castaway.
Discount Vote: A power to nullify "one vote" against a castaway.
Note: In the event that a challenge winner cast a discount vote to a castaway who received zero votes, his twin vote will automatically be counted as "one vote" only, and the discount vote would be nullified.
At tribal council, alliances are crumbling! DB eventually flipped from The BEDKIK Alliance and voted with the minority! Lloyd joined the majority voting bloc! While Chris and Togz voted with the minority! By merely looking at the numbers, it was still 6-5! The BEDKIK Alliance still has the majority advantage.. BUT REMEMBER!! Szymon has the triple-power!!
But in the end, the BEDKIK Alliance targeted DB for flipping in his alliance, while the minority agreed to vote out the strategist - Ivan. At a shocking tribal council result, Ivan was voted out by a 6-5 vote!!!! Szymon successfully cast a twin vote against Ivan and a discount vote for DB. After Ivan's boot, the fall of The BEDKIK Alliance began, indeed a "Triple Power is a Huge Game Changer"!!!!
A shocking blindside that lingers on viewers' mind until now!!!!!!
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• 3/25/2015

#6 - Final Tribal Council Re-Vote!

From Season 5 - Survivor: Mt. Sabyinyo
Wes - Sole Survivor
The ONLY tribal council result that produced a winner and not a boot in this list! This Final 3 is considered one of the best because of its first outcome where the vote went 3-3-1. All the 3 finalists had a very good story enough to prove that they deserved the title of Sole Survivor! Here they are:

Mihai - an under-the-radar player who made one of the best moves in the history of Rockstar Survivor ORG.
Zane - a player who was almost eliminated at first tribal council but secured his spot until Final Tribal Council.
Wes - "Proactive Enough to Squash Any Potential Plans" - a power player of the season! He kept his two immunity idols until they merged and eventually won ALL the individual immunity challenges!
In the end, Wes bagged the title of Sole Survivor by a vote 5-2. What makes this result shocking was because this is the FIRST AND SO FAR THE ONLY FINAL TRIBAL COUNCIL RE-VOTE! That even the Survivor franchise itself hasn't experienced yet! This is a legitimate surprising tribal council result that ended an amazing season with a huge blast and a great winner!
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• 3/25/2015

#7 - Double Boot and a Quit

From Season 4 - Survivor: Vietnam "Filipinos vs World"
Tung - 6th Voted Out - Day 13
Returnee - Day 19
12th Voted Out - 4th Jury Member - Day 25
Anthony - 13th Voted Out - 5th Jury Member - Day 25
Duy - Quit - Day 26
This 3-in-1 tribal council marks as one of the most controversial result ever in the history of Rockstar Survivor ORG! Not only because of brutal pagonging of Saigon tribe (the World), but because of Duy's quit.
At first tribal, Tung was voted out by the majority and a twist says that a player with the "second highest votes" received will be spared at second tribal council. Eventually, Tine was spared at the second tribal! Even the two immunity winners - Ran and Wowie didn't attend the second tribal council, they all head back to camp.
Then the votes are read! The host announced that there will be a re-vote between Anthony and Duy at second tribal council. But Roby appealed that he cast his vote just before the deadline, but the host didn't receive Roby's email. The host reviewed his email and it was found out that he really sent his vote on time, but due to technical problems - Yahoo Mail lagged that time. (The actual email was received 24 hours later)
The host made a decision to count Roby's vote which caused Anthony's elimination. But Duy didn't accept the decision that was made by the host, so he decided to quit. From then on, the host made a Google Mail account to avoid the possible worst case scenario. One of the most controversial and shocking result ever as the viewers say!
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• 1/6/2015

#8 - Surprise Live Tribal Council!

From Season 1 - Survivor: Paranoia Island
Kevin – 14th Voted Out - Day 32
Yes. You read it right! Kevin was voted out in Paranoia Island at Final 7!! The host requested the castaways to be online in an agreed time to compete on a Live Immunity Challenge, but it was a bluff! It was a LIVE TRIBAL COUNCIL instead.
Only 3 castaways showed up and voted out a castaway - Kevin, Szymon and Togz, but due to Brian's cursed pearl that he passed to Szymon, the vote went 2-2-1-1-1-1. Re-vote between Kevin and Szymon! Only Togz is eligible to vote! The two players' fate is now in his hands!
Togz voted out the minority - Kevin. Was this vote a shocker? Actually it wasn't since Kevin was obviously the next target of their majority alliance. What makes this tribal a shocking one, is that the players and the viewers didn't expected a Live Tribal Council! The worst twist of the season as many viewers say! But wait there's more!! It's also a blessing in disguise because this twist also marks as the beginning of Kevin's great underdog story in Rockstar Survivor ORG history!
P.S. Kevin together with DB returned in the game from Snake Island, and eventually won every single immunity challenge and bagged the title of Sole Survivor against other two Snake Island returnees - DB and Kacey.
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• 12/11/2014

#9 - From Final 7 to Instant Final 3!

From Season 2 - Survivor: Social Island
Ometepe – 11th Voted Out - 7th Jury Member - Day 31
In this Season 2 episode, there are two individual immunity winners - Jemarc and Stephane. Then, it was found out that it's a double elimination with a twist! At first part of the tribal council, Zach was voted out 5-3, not a huge shocker for majority.
What surprises the castaways and the viewers was the twist announced at second tribal council! The two immunity winners will save one player each and will not attend the second tribal council. Jemarc saved Mark while Stephane saved Maya, so the 3 players who weren't chosen will remain and would have a head-to-head elimination! Should they call themselves the Final 3? Quite but absolutely not!
In the end, Ometepe was voted out in a 2-1 vote. A brutal boot? We're not sure. But to see only 3 voters in a Final 7 scenario, that's a huge shocker!
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• 12/11/2014

#10 - Does Worst History Repeat Itself?

From Season 7 – Survivor: Myanmar
Red – 1st Voted Out – Day 3
Myanmar started with 9 Returnees and 9 Newbies, initially started with two mixed tribes (5 returnees & 4 newbies and 4 returnees & 5 newbies respectively). At Day 1, each tribe bonded with their fellow members.
But at Day 2, before the Immunity Challenge, both tribes were asked to vote on who they think are the "Most Annoying" and the "Outsider" members of their tribe. After voting, it was revealed that the top 3 members from each tribe who got the highest votes will be formed as an additional tribe - Mandalay.
Luckily or rather say unluckily, Red was sent to Mandalay tribe. He formed a good bond with his new fellow tribe members immediately, but they lose their first immunity challenge. At tribal council, Billy, Ellis and Jay S targeted him. Unfortunately, Red trusted his guts and didn't play his immunity idol. Well maybe because of trust? or complacency? Only him knows. The truth is, "Does Worst History Repeat Itself?" Y-E-S. Yes, but wait for the whole story to unfold and you'll find out that the answer is N-O. No!
P.S. Good thing he redeemed himself in the game, after the massive quit, he returned from Temple of the Dead came merge and managed to go further in the game! Though he didn't make the Final Tribal Council being deemed as a threat because of his underdog story.
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• 1/6/2015

#11 - Everyone Has Immunity Idol but is Everyone Safe?

From Season 5 – Survivor: Mt. Sabyinyo
Tyler S – 1st Voted Out – Day 3
The season started with 20 castaways, each has immunity idol! Is it hidden? Absolutely not! It's in each and everyone's pocket. Should they all feel safe? That's the biggest question.
At Sabyinyo's first huge tribal council, Tyler B played his immunity idol! All the idol players wasted theirs! Then the vote went 4-4-2-2-0. Tied between Tyler S and Zane, re-vote! Everyone hasn't moved on yet with the surprising results and here it comes - another mind-boggling re-vote! Paranoia is in the air! Who will be voted out first?
Finally, the vote went 9-8, a very close vote! But the majority vote would govern - the returning player, Tyler S was first to be sent home in this crazy season. Is it a shocker?! Of course!! This tribal results answered the title of this entry - "Everyone Has Immunity Idol but is Everyone Safe?". A big N-O! No.
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• 12/11/2014

#12 - Rub Salt in the Wound

From Season 4 – Survivor: Vietnam "Filipinos vs World"
Ivan – 17th Voted Out – 9th Jury Member – Day 33
This was one of the biggest move in this season. Ivan is deemed as the mastermind of the Pinoy Alliance of 3 consisting of him, JC and Wowie. That made this tribal council phenomenal! JC won immunity and still has his third hidden immunity idol plus, the last day of playing of it.
JC passed his immunity necklace to Jennifer since she's the sole Saigon member remaining. Although it was obvious that the remaining Filipinos will turn on the threat - Ivan. What made this move brutal is that JC could've just given his idol to Jennifer but instead he gave his immunity necklace! The passing of immunity necklace to a Saigon member added insult to the injury of Ivan, he was then unanimously voted out. A big blindside? For some it is not. But still, it was a jaw-dropping experience from the viewers' point of view.
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• 12/8/2014

#13 - First EVER Tribal Council Paranoia

From Season 1 - Survivor: Paranoia Island
Aston - 1st Voted Out - Day 3
The season started with no tribal immunity since there's only one huge tribe - Tuklaw. The first challenge is individual immunity with 4 winners! But with a bigger twist!! All the 21 castaways will go to their first tribal council, without knowing who won the 4 individual immunities!!! The winners will only be revealed upon reading of votes!!!! If a vote would be cast to an individual immunity winner, it would be negated – its effect is like an immunity idol played that even the holder himself/herself doesn’t know he/she will play it for himself/herself!! Only they can trust their guts if they are going to win immunity or not.
Eventually, DB, Wesley, Ivan and Max won immunity!!!! Even though Wesley, Ivan and Max received votes, still Aston was voted out receiving the most number of votes with 6. Look how important immunity is in a tribe of 21 castaways!!!! Paranoia at its best!!!!
P.S. Good thing he redeemed himself in the game, he returned from Snake Island came merge but was cut early and lose on Snake Island post-merge.
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• 12/8/2014

#14 - The Fall of Alexjason!

From Season 6 - Survivor: Bolivar "The Angel Falls"
Alexjason - 4th Voted Out - Day 11
As Host Ivan called this tribal re-vote as, "The Battle of the Decade"!!
Alexjason felt complacent at the first tribal since he built strong relationship with his Pinoy Alliance and Ezekiel. But that one wrong move put him in the danger zone. He denied to Ezekiel that he met Billy and Tahara in real life (though half-truth since he haven't really met Tahara - though they are online friends), Ezekiel lose his trust to Alexjason even though they have a Final 2 deal. William and Sheryl grabbed the opportunity to throw under the bus the "celebrity player". They decided to do it since it's a back-to-basics season, even if the vote will go 3-3, still Alexjason will be voted out due to his past votes - being targeted every single tribal council he attended.
With nowhere to go, Alexjason faced the win - lose situation. He pointed out his loyalty with his alliance at the re-vote, but it didn't help himself to survive the fierce confrontation with Sheryl. At the end, the vote went 4-0 - making him the 4th straight Gauja casualty.
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• 12/8/2014


After a year, Rockstar Survivor ORG has already produced 7 seasons, 6 winners and a total of 114 castaways including yours truly - Alexjason!!

I take you through 14 blindsides that were purely shocking to the viewer as we watched the episode! Whether or not it was a complete surprise due to editing or whether the person voted out was against the ‘type’ that usually fell at that point, these are the 14 memorable tribal council results that left our mouths open long after the credits rolled!
A “most shocking tribal council result” is when a vote is set up to show one thing and shocks us with the final outcome. This can come based on our past knowledge and expectations of Survivor. More often than note the viewer is privy on how the votes will go and a #blindside to us is really ever a shock. Many more of these moments exist but as will be explained in each respective entry these 14 are included for a mixture of notability, shock and blindside factor.
Over the last few weeks, I have compiled the TOP 14 MOST SHOCKING TRIBAL COUNCIL RESULTS IN THE HISTORY OF ROCKSTAR SURVIVOR ORG. The top 14 is covered by 7 past seasons, from the very first season in Palawan, Philippines a.k.a. Paranoia Island through to the 7th in Myanmar. So what will be in the 14 and more importantly what makes you jumped out of your skin due to surprise?! jaw dropped out of shock?! and rolled eyes because of an unexpected result?!
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